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Nov 28 2023

FSAF-PAAMS LRR (Long Range Radar) Customer Day and Sustainability Workshop

Hengelo, 27-30 November 2023 - The S1850M LRR Customer Day and Sustainability Workshop was held in Thales Nederland (TNL) premises in Hengelo in the frame of the FSAF/PAAMS 16.ISS.01.04 contract. 

The event showcased existing support for the Long-Range Radar (LRR) S1850M of the Principal Anti-Air Missile System (PAAMS), currently fitted on Horizon class Frigates for the French and Italian Navies, Type 45 destroyers and Queen Elisabeth class Aircraft Carriers for the UK Royal Navy.

The event saw Nations, Industry and OCCAR-EA in attendance. The event focused on the sustainability strategy of the systems for the three Participating Nations for the following years, also taking into account the existing Mid Life Update (MLU) Programme for the Italian and French PAAMS recently launched by OCCAR. TNL also provided an overview of the algorithm, namely Managing Availability till Decommission (MAD), that is to be adopted as part of the logistic model for the support strategy of the S1850M LRR systems until end of their operational life.

Nations were able to see first-hand the technical activities performed as part of the S1850M Major Overhaul (MOH) for both Italian ship DORIA and HMS Dragon, and future SMART-L/MM systems capabilities; such capabilities are planned to fitted on both Italian and French Horizon class Frigates in the incoming years.

All attendees were satisfied with the outcome of the visit, it was a further demonstration of OCCAR-EA’s commitment to meet customers’ requirements and operational needs.

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