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Jul 21 2022

First steel cutting of the second Italian LSS ATLANTE

The steel cutting of the second Italian logistic support unit LSS (Logistic Support Ship) ordered by OCCAR to Fincantieri took place on 20 July 2022 in Fincantieri’s Castellammare di Stabia shipyard.

This first important milestone takes place only 7 months[1] after the signature of the LSS Contract Amendment N°5 between OCCAR and the Italian Temporary Consortium, consisting of Fincantieri and Leonardo Company.

This particular event represents the concrete entry into production of the 2nd Italian LSS which is expected to be delivered to the Italian Navy in 2025.

The Franco-Italian Logistic Support Ship (LSS) Programme is led by OCCAR on behalf of DGA, the French Armament General Directorate, and its Italian counterpart, NAVARM. LSS comprises the development and the production of 6 ships (2 for Italy and 4 for France) along with in-service support, with a third one for the Italian Navy as on option.

The LSS main mission is to provide Logistic support for an extended period of a Naval Group – Carrier Air Group, Amphibious or Surface Group for the following operational functions: refuelling at sea, replenishment in terms of lubricants, ammunition, spare parts, food, drinking water, specialist medical products, general equipment and other materials.

LSS also provides Medical support and, as any Naval asset, LSS provides support to search and rescue operations and aid to vessels in distress.

LSS also answers specific requirements of its customers, ranging from the support to Large Joint Carrier Aircraft Group to anti-pollution operations; also addressing humanitarian civilian, and disaster relief operations.

Triggering of the steel cutting tool – From left to right: Mr. Poliseno (OCCAR) – Eng. Le Boffe (Fincantieri) – Ing. Lubrano (Fincantieri) – CV Millerani-Trapani (NAVARM ) – Adm. Olivo (MARICOMLOG)

 [1] Contract Amendment n°5 was signed on 20 December 2021.

If you want to learn more about the LSS programme, please visit its website

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