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Oct 28 2021

Director visits ELAC SONAR in Kiel

On 28 October 2021, the OCCAR-EA Director, Matteo BISCEGLIA visited ELAC SONAR, a member of the Cohort plc Group.

He was welcomed by the Managing Director Bernd Szukay along with the Chairman of Cohort plc, Nick Prest and Andrew Thomis, CEO.

The visit followed two days of intensive and fruitful technical meetings, held at ELAC Sonar premises and involving OCCAR NFS Programme Division and the other Stakeholders of the U212 NFS Programme.

During the visit, the Cohort CEO illustrated the activities of the Group whilst the Managing Director of ELAC updated the OCCAR Director from the industrial perspective of a small industry that is an excellent international player in the sonar field. In fact, ELAC will supply the innovative and performant integrated sonar suite for two U212 Near Future Submarines (NFS), in the framework of the contract awarded to the Italian shipbuilding group FINCANTIERI and managed by OCCAR.

The Director underlined the importance of the Small-Medium sized Enterprises in the military technological innovation and illustrated OCCAR principles and highlighted the Through Life Management approach as key factor for all the OCCAR Programmes.

To learn more about the U212 NFS programme, please visit our website.

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