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Dec 19 2022

Castellammare di Stabia Site Opening Ceremony

On 19 December 2022, OCCAR-EA Director Matteo Bisceglia opened the ceremony to officially inaugurate the new LSS Programme Division Satellite Building in Castellammare di Stabia within the Fincantieri Shipyard near Naples, Italy. 

 Representatives from the Italian Joint staff (SEGREDIFESA), from the Naval Armament Directorate (NAVARM), from the Italian Navy attended the ceremony.

Previous LSS activities have already been carried out at the Fincantieri Shipyard; more specifically, two LSS bow sections, one for France and one for Italy, have already been assembled and delivered to Nations, and additional work is underway.

Moreover, seeing that both the second and the third potential Italian LSS will be fully assembled at the Castellammare di Stabia shipyard, OCCAR-EA, as Contracting Authority, has started the process to build up the new site in order to monitor the production phase. The office building has been built from scratch in less than five months and it is now fully operational.

In his speech, the Director emphasised how quickly the OCCAR-EA facility has been set-up, thanks to the common efforts from OCCAR-EA, the Italian Participating State and Fincantieri. The Director also took the opportunity to thank all stakeholders involved for the excellent result achieved, demonstrating that strong will and joint efforts bear fruits, despite time and budget constraints.

As of 2nd January 2023, the new OCCAR-EA LSS site will be first manned by four permanent OCCAR-EA staff members, including the LSS Deputy Programme Manager, and will provide direct support for the 2nd Italian LSS construction phase.

The successful LSS Contracts, the cooperation between two major European Navy key-players, and OCCAR-EA’s support will lead the way to a strong fleet of 6 LSSs to be operated, 4 for France, and 2 for Italy, with a third one for Italy as a future option.

If you want to learn more about the LSS programme, please visit its website.

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