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Sep 1 2021

A400M Export Sale to Kazakhstan

On 1 September 2021, Airbus announced that the Republic of Kazakhstan has placed an order for two A400M aircraft, becoming the ninth operator, together with the seven OCCAR members plus Malaysia.

This new export contract brings the total number of A400M orders to 176 aircraft, with more than 100 of those aircraft already delivered to all existing operators.

Delivery of the AC to Kazakhstan are scheduled in 2024 and 2026; the contract also includes elements of maintenance and training support.

AMSL continues to pursue a significant number of other export opportunities, supported by OCCAR and the Participating States.

This sale is a huge boost to the A400M Programme, which has very recently achieved NSOC2.5 Type Acceptance, paving the way to SOC3, the final AC standard.

To know more about the programme please visit our website.

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