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Nov 24 2023

9th Italian FREMM Spartaco Schergat launched

Riva Trigoso Nov 24, 2023 – The launching ceremony of the 9th Italian FREMM frigate, the “Spartaco Schergat”, took place at the Fincanteri shipyard in Riva Trigoso, Italy.

This latest launch represents another signifi cant milestone for the FREMM programme in the framework of a joint Italian-French cooperation programme managed by OCCAR.

Under the supervision of the OCCAR-EA FREMM Programme, (now located within the Horizon Programme Division (PD)) and the Italian Naval Directorate (NAVARM), the FREMM Programme is rapidly moving towards its completion, as the tenth and last Frigate, the “Emilio Bianchi", will be launched within the second quarter of 2024.

The ninth FREMM frigate, the “Spartaco Schergat” is named after an Italian military frogman who was awarded the military gallantry medal in World War II. The Godmother of the ceremony was Mrs. Arianna Somma, Spartaco Schergat’s granddaughter.

The ship has been launched with its combat system and platform equipment already installed and integrated on board. She will be moved to the Fincantieri ‘s shipyard in Muggiano (La Spezia) and in 2024 the First Sea Going will take place. The ship will be delivered to Italian Navy in the second quarter of 2025 following the completion of the outfitting activities.

The launching of the “Spartaco Schergat”, an Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) enhanced version of the FREMM frigate, was performed in accordance within the scheduled timeline and represents another great success of the OCCAR management method, approaching and solving technical, design and construction challenges in close cooperation and coordination with the French and Italian Naval Directorates.

To date, OCCAR-EA has successfully delivered all eight FREMM ships to the French Navy and eight of the ten FREMM ships to the Italian Navy. OCCAR-EA manages also the complete Warship In-Service Support (ISS) for the entire Italian FREMM fleet.

Image provided by Fincanteri

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