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Nov 9 2021

1st European Defence & Security Conference

On 09 Nov 2021 the OCCAR Director attended the first European Defence & Security Conference organised by Business Bridge Europe.

The Conference treated topics related to the EU strategic autonomy in security and defence and more specifically the role of EU initiatives in bolstering cooperation between European industries.

The Director took part in a discussion panel, which debated on fostering a competitive EDTIB through cooperation and how to secure value chains and strengthen Europe’s capabilities. All participants, as well from EU institutions (EEAS, DG DEFIS and EUMC) as from industry (MBDA and Nexter), agreed that the key to success lies in cooperation combined with strong programme management. We do not only need to cooperate more, but also better.

The evening of 09 Nov, the Director attended the celebration of the opening of the MBDA Brussels office.

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