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Nov 9 2021

100th A400M Aircraft Delivered

OCCAR-EA is extremely pleased to announce the delivery of the 100th A400M Aircraft to OCCAR Participating States. Aircraft (MSN113) was delivered from the Final Assembly Line in Seville on 9 November 2021 to the German customer.

With the delivery of MSN113, Germany now has its 37th A400M. In addition, all A400M Launch Nations have now received a significant number of aircraft from their initial order and thus it has become an integral part of Nations’ respective air forces. The current status of aircraft deliveries is as follows:

The above table excludes deliveries of 4 aircraft to Malaysia, the first export sale. This has been followed very recently by the sale of 2 A400M to Kazakhstan, confirmed in September 2021, and the sale of a further 2 aircraft (with an option for an additional 4 aircraft) to Indonesia, announced by AMSL on 19 November.

Much work has still to be done in the production phase, with a further 70 aircraft due to be delivered by 2030, plus a retrofit programme to bring all aircraft up to the common final standard. This delivery of the 100th aircraft signifies a great achievement for the Programme, demonstrating successful cooperation between A400M Participating States, AMSL and OCCAR-EA. OCCAR-EA remains committed to supporting Nations’ fleets and Industry through the life of the A400M.

If you want to learn more about the A400M programme, please visit our website.

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