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06. September 2021

New contract was signed to develop a new BOXER vehicle known as Joint Fire Support Team


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On the 6th of September 2021, a new contract was signed with a value of approximately 70 M€ to develop a new BOXER vehicle known as Joint Fire Support Team ‘JFSTsw’ on behalf of the German Bundeswehr. The contract includes the development and the delivery of two prototype vehicles and a reference system for conducting trials and tests.

The JFSTsw prototypes will be built using the Boxer A2 drive module (in service with Bundeswehr) coupled with a new JFSTsw Mission Module.

The JFSTsw Mission Module will integrate new sub systems;

  • The Panoramic Above Armour Gimbal - Joint Fire Support ‘PAAG JFS’ observation and surveillance system made by THALES
  • The ‘Remote Weapon Station (RWS) Protector M153’ remote control weapon station made by KONGSBERG.
  • The NATO Generic Vehicle Architecture (NGVA) network to allow a deeper integration level of the new sub systems.

The ‘PAAG JFS’ is an electronic surveillance system that is remotely controlled from inside the BOXER and gives users a stabilized long-range ‘Detection, Recognition, Identification’ (DRI) and weapon aiming ability on the move during daylight and night conditions. It can also be raised above the vehicle roof to allow the monitoring of targets from behind a ridgeline without putting the user in a direct line of sight which greatly reduces operational risk.

The ‘RWS Protector M153’ is an electronic lethality system that is controlled within the crew compartment of the Mission Module, operated remotely using a control stick and NGVA screen. The RWS includes a suite of electronic sensors for identifying, tracking and engaging targets in different environments.

Overall, the new JFSTsw design will provide a healthy balance of mobility, lethality and protection, and the capability to conduct surveillance missions at a lower risk to the user.


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