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25. May 2016

Netherlands ‘new vehicle mix’ BOXER Production contract awarded

A contract for a new vehicle mix of BOXER vehicles for the Netherlands was signed on 25 May 2016 at the OCCAR-EA headquarters in Bonn by the original equipment manufacturer ARTEC GmbH and OCCAR. The Netherlands was represented at the event by LtCol John Lussenburg from DMO, the Dutch National Programme Coordinator for the BOXER Programme.

Netherlands ‘new vehicle mix’ BOXER Production contract awarded

From left: Mr. Stephan Hanke (ARTEC GmbH), LtCol John Lussenburg (NL DMO), Mr. Paul Franke (NL DMO), Mr. Andreas Zekorn (OCCAR-EA) and Mr. Christoph Heumann (ARTEC GmbH)

The Netherlands identified over the last years that the operational concept had changed and in this respect the numbers of the different variants ordered were no longer reflecting the actual needs. Additional Engineer vehicles were required instead of Cargo and Command Post Vehicles. Because of this, the Netherlands requested to change the numbers of these variants.

The contract amendment increases the number of Engineer vehicles by 39 to 92 vehicles, reduces the number of Cargo vehicles by 15 to 12 vehicles and reduces the Command Post vehicles by 24 to 36 vehicles. 

The new vehicle mix contract was prepared in a short timeframe during 2016 in close cooperation between OCCAR-EA, the Netherlands Official Services and ARTEC.

At this moment it is planned that the last Netherlands vehicle will be delivered in February 2018.

Netherlands ‘new vehicle mix’ BOXER Production contract awarded

OCCAR-EA BOXER Programme Manager Andreas Zekorn and ARTEC GmbH CEO Christoph Heumann