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31. July 2018

movement completed to the occar new premises in bonn

On the 31th July, successfully and ahead of schedule, OCCAR-EA Bonn site completed its removal to its new premises, 100 meters away from its old headquarters.

The move takes place in the context of the need for growth of the Organisation in terms of armaments programmes in view of the new investment cycles of the European nations and of the on going initiatives of the European Commission in support of the cooperation for the acquisition of defence capabilities and of the competitiveness of the European Defence Technological and Industrial Base (EDTIB).

The move has been carried out following a staggered process, to allow for a minimum disruption of the daily work following the full commitment and approval of the OCCAR Member States representatives at the highest OCCAR decision level.

OCCAR new premises in Bonn

OCCAR new premises in Bonn

The removal has been conducted successfully, with no incidents, and all OCCAR-EA Bonn based staff members (Central Office plus 5 Programme Divisions) are now working from their new offices, ready to face the present and future challenges.

The inauguration of these new premises will be conducted in September, making the most of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Signature of the OCCAR Convention, with the presence of shareholders and major industry stakeholders.