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05. February 2019

MMF 2 Maiden flight

On February 5th the Airbus A330-200 Manufacturers Serial Number (MSN) 1911 took off for the first time from Toulouse Airport. This was the first flight, Maiden Flight, of the aircraft soon to be transformed into the second unit of the Multinational MRTT Fleet (MMF).

MMF 2 maiden flight


The flight took her for a 4h test flight over Northern Pyrenees at different altitudes and speeds. The MSN 1911 is scheduled to be delivered to Airbus DS the week of February 11th and will start the conversion to MRTT in ADS Getafe, near Madrid that same week. The MMF PD manages the acquisition contract on behalf of NSPA, with 8 aircraft now on contract for BE, DE, LU, NL and NO; three more aircraft options are included in the current contract for additional nations interested in joining the MMF Initiative.