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19. December 2015

Launching of Luigi Rizzo, the 6th Italian Multipurpose FREMM Frigate

The 6th Italian FREMM frigate, named Luigi Rizzo, was launched on the 19th of December at the FINCANTIERI integrated shipyard in Riva Trigoso. The ship is the second in the General Purpose (GP) configuration and follows four FREMM frigates in Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) configuration; named Viriginio Fasan, Carlo Margottini, Carabiniere and Alpino, and the First of Class Carlo Bergamini (in GP configuration).

Launching of Luigi Rizzo, the 6th Italian Multipurpose FREMM Frigate

The ceremony took place in the presence of several political, military, religious and civil authorities. Among them, Giovanni Toti, Governor of Liguria, Admiral Giuseppe De Giorgi, Italian Navy Chief of Staff, Leonardo Bianchi, OCCAR-EA FREMM Programme Manager, Giuseppe Bono, CEO of Fincantieri and representatives from OCCAR-EA. All of them, after having remembered the heroic actions carried out by Luigi Rizzo di Grado e di Premuda during the First World War, stressed that the FREMM frigates are the essence of technology and capabilities, and represent the abilities of Italian Industries.

Admiral De Giorgi, after having thanked, among others, the OCCAR-EA FREMM Programme Division, underlined the strong “dual use” of these vessels, largely employed in humanitarian operations, such as rescue operations in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Godmother was Ms Maria Guglielmina Rizzo, daughter of Luigi Rizzo, who arrived escorted by Commander Angelo Pazzaglia, designated Commanding Officer of the ship.

Launching of Luigi Rizzo, the 6th Italian Multipurpose FREMM Frigate

The Luigi Rizzo frigate has been built as part of the Italian-French FREMM Programme, which will replace the Italian Navy Lupo and Maestrale Class. The Luigi Rizzo will now be transferred by barge from Riva Trigoso shipyard to La Spezia – Muggiano to complete platform preparations and to start the Harbour and Sea Acceptance Test.

As for the other Italian FREMM ships, Carlo Bergamini (GP), Viriginio Fasan (ASW), Carlo Margottini (ASW) and Carabiniere (ASW) are operational within the Italian Navy. The first three are supported through the Temporary Global Support (TGS) contract, while the fourth is operating in the warranty year. Alpino (ASW) is currently undergoing the final set up before the delivery to the Italian Navy.