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20. December 2021

Italy signs a second LSS “Vulcano” type order

On 20th December 2021, in OCCAR Rome premises, OCCAR Director, Mr.Matteo Bisceglia, on behalf of the Italian Participating State, signed the LSS Contract Amendment N°5 with the Italian Temporary Consortium, consisting of Fincantieri and Leonardo Company.

The new Amendment confirms the technical and commercial conditions for the production of a second Logistic Support Ship (LSS) - based on the modern and state of the art design of ITS “Vulcano” - to be delivered to the Italian Navy in 2025. It also includes 10 years of ISS, along with the implementation of various new equipment.

This Contract amendment for a second LSS intervenes only 9 months after the delivery of ITS “Vulcano” to the Italian Navy, now fully qualified for Replenishment At Sea operations, as pictured in October of this year, with the ITS Cavour.

In total, with the present Italian contract Amendment #5, the successful LSS cooperation between two major European Navy key-players, under the Umbrella of OCCAR, will lead the way to a strong fleet of 6 LSSs to be operated, 4 for France, and 2 for Italy, with a third one for Italy as an option.



From left to right: Mr. Giordo (Fincantieri) – Mr. Bisceglia (OCCAR D) @copyright: OCCAR



From left to right: Mr.Gallo – Mr. Passigato (LSS PD SMs ) – Mr. Bisceglia (OCCAR/D) – Mrs. Speranza (LSS PD SM) - Mr. Poliseno (LSS PM) - copyright @OCCAR


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