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16. July 2011

Italian First of Class FREMM "Carlo Bergamini" Launched

On Saturday, the 16th of July, in line with the contractual schedule, the Italian first of class FREMM General Purpose “Carlo Bergamini” was launched from the FINCANTIERI shipyard in Riva Trigoso. A number of political and military representatives attended the launching ceremony. The Italian Navy Chief of staff, Admiral Bruno Branciforte stressed during his speech the very deep importance the Navy will assign to FREMM that will replace Lupo, Maestrale and Artigliere ships; he also pointed out the very high technological improvement made for the construction of these ships. Moreover He underlined that the FREMM is the most important European programme ever made and these ships will be the “backbone” of the Italian and the French Navy.

The ship will now be transferred by a “barge” from Riva Trigoso shipyard to La Spezia – Muggiano to complete the platform preparations and to start the Platform Harbour and Sea Acceptance Test. The First sea going activity is scheduled on the 6th of October and at the beginning of next year the Combat System will start the HAT/SAT tests in line with the contractual planning. 

The vessel will feature a high degree of flexibility, capable of operating in all tactical situations. 139 metres long with a beam of 19.7 metres, the ship will have a displacement at full load of approximately 5,900 tonnes. The “Carlo Bergamini” will have a maximum speed of over 27 knots and will provide accommodation for a crew of 145.