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01.December 2010

The ISS Process Model patent application has been published on EPO web site


The first OCCAR-EA patent application received an international visibility through the European Patent Office.

The establishment of the ISS Process Model, the topic of the Patent application, has been a very intense intellectual process performed by the ILS/ISS Section. During presentations of this Model it became apparent, that this work is quite unique and therefore can be considered as “state of the art” in its sector.

As the ISS Process Model could become a standard for performance based logistic (PBL) contracts, a European Patent application was filed with the support of experts in German BWB Patent Office. After several months of technical review by EPO in order to decide on its patentability, the ISS Process Model is now available on the Patent Office Web site.

Since 1st December every interested party can download the OCCAR-EA patent application on the following address, using the publication number EP 2256678:

This event contributes to the further recognition of OCCAR-EA in Europe as a centre of excellence regarding ILS/ISS management competences.

For further information you can contact Carlo Aliberti +49 228 5502 137