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Newcomer Guides

This booklets are intended to give new OCCAR-EA Staff Members a general overview of the OCCAR environment, conditions of service, as well as information about OCCAR locations.

OCCAR-EA Newcomers Guide


Staff members who are appointed to act as a Sponsor for new staff members will assist newcomers in the following areas:

  • Make contact with the new staff member as soon as the appointment has been formalised in order to establish a contact within OCCAR and their division;
  • Ensure reception is aware of arrival date and make sure to be available to welcome the newcomer on the first day of arrival (or ensure a representative);
  • Liaise with Security Section to ensure security badge is ready;
  • Liaise with IT Section to ensure the appropriate IT equipment is available;
  • Provide any information necessary to assist with the induction process to the Programme/Division;
  • Provide any assistance possible to help with any domestic situation, drawing on local knowledge relating to accommodation, schools etc.;
  • Familiarising with the local working environment, introducing to staff and meeting key staff such as HRD, Site, Service Provider (the check-in form will support this process);
  • Ensure staff member is available for the initial Newcomer Briefing from HRD/Site Manager, usually held within the first days of arrival;
  • If possible, assist with car registration and insurance whilst liaising with HRD/Site Manager.
  • Sponsors will liaise with HRD/Site Management who can give advice from previous experience.