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OCCAR's history

The Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation (Organisation Conjointe de Coopération en matière d'Armement / OCCAR) was initially established by an Administrative Arrangement signed by the Defence Ministers of France, Germany, Italy and the UK on 12th November 1996. The aim of OCCAR is to increase the armaments cooperation of the Member States in order to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

In 1998, the Defence Ministers of the four founding Member States signed the treaty-like "OCCAR Convention", which was subsequently ratified by the national Parliaments and came into force on 28th January 2001. The Convention gives OCCAR its legal status, allowing it to award contracts and to employ its own staff. Belgium and Spain joined OCCAR respectively in 2003 and 2005.


Current OCCAR Member States


Historical Overview

Dec 1993 French-German Declaration
Dec 1995 French-German Principles of Baden-Baden
Feb 1996 French-German precursor team. Italy and UK join precursor team
Nov 1996 France, Germany, Italy & UK sign OCCAR Administrative Arrangement (pre-Legal Status)
Jul 1997 Early staffing of Central Office
Sep 1998 Signature of the OCCAR Convention, followed by ratification
Jan 2001 OCCAR Legal Status
Feb 2001 Integration of the BOXER (with the Netherlands as Participating State), COBRA, FSAF, HOT/MILAN, ROLAND and TIGER Programmes
Jun 2003 Closure of the HOT/MILAN Programme
May 2003 Accession of Belgium & Integration of the A400M Programme (with Spain and Türkiye as Participating States; Luxemburg being represented by Belgium)
Jan 2005 Accession of Spain
Nov 2005 Integration of the FREMM Programme
Dec 2007 Closure of the ROLAND Programme
Dec 2008 Integration of the ESSOR Programme (with Finland, Poland and Sweden as Participating States)
May 2011 Integration of the MUSIS Federating Activities Programme
Jul 2012 Signature of the EDA - OCCAR Administrative Arrangement
Mar 2015 Integration of the MMCM Programme
May 2015 Integration of the LSS and PPA Programmes
Aug 2016 Lithuania joins the BOXER Programme
Aug 2016 Integration of the European MALE RPAS Programme
Sep 2016 MMF Programme Division established
May 2020 Establishment of NVC Programme Division 
JAN 2021 Integration of MAST-F Programme 
APR 2021 Establishment of U212 NFS Programme Division

JuL 2022

Joint Ministerial Declaration signed by Member States 
DeC 2022 Handover of MMF Programme to NSPA 
Apr 2023 Integration of CAMM-ER into FSAF-PAMMS Programme
SEPt 2023 FREMM PD converted to Horizon PD after full integration in OCCAR of Horizon MLU Programme