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21. October 2019

Fruitful competition for the renewal of TIGER maintenance training means

On 21st October 2019, OCCAR signed a contract with DIGINEXT for the complete renewal of the maintenance training means deployed in the German-French TIGER Training School, Fassberg (DFAT). This signature marks the end of a successful competition initiated in December 2017 with the advertisement of a Preliminary Qualification Questionnaire.

The contract foresees the procurement of latest generation of virtual maintenance trainers featuring high fidelity 3D rendering, augmented reality, integrated documentation, and collaborative work capabilities. They shall offer training capabilities with guided or open scenarios and advanced connectivity with secondary systems such as workstations in the classroom, glass cockpit replicas or specific devices dedicated to French armament experts.



Beyond this modern technical scope, the real expected breakthrough is the native scalability with regard to aircraft configuration evolutions, customisation of training scenarios, technical publication updates or even any forthcoming new display technologies. A user-friendly interface shall allow modifications that can be automatically deployed to all client applications.

This agility together with a 10-year all-inclusive support and a COTS software allow permanent evolution and update. Therefore, this new system already paves the way to future TIGER modifications, especially the MkIII mid-life upgrade. Sticking to OCCAR governance, this technical challenge was achieved through a competitive process ensuring the best value for money to Nations.

Finally, in accordance with OCCAR’s missions, the incorporation of leading edge technologies strengthens the European industrial base and the deployment of common training means promotes cooperation between Germany and France.

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