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17. May 2016

FREMM ‘Luigi Rizzo’: First Sea Going

The Italian FREMM frigate ‘Luigi Rizzo’ had its first sea going in the Gulf of La Spezia on 17th of May 2016. 'Luigi Rizzo' is the 6th Italian FREMM frigate, and the second in General Purpose configuration.

FREMM Luigi Rizzo

This event marks another important step towards the delivery of the ship to the Italian Navy, which will occur in February 2017. During the first sea going several systems installed onboard have been set up and tested successfully. On current plans, ‘Luigi Rizzo’ is scheduled to complete the sea trials in November 2016.

After the delivery of FREMM ‘Alpino’ to the Italian Navy, foreseen by June 2016, five FREMM frigates will be operational within the Italian Navy, with the other five ships under construction.

FREMM Luigi Rizzo