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FREMM Federico Martinengo - Final Official Acceptance: the seventh FREMM delivered to the Italian Navy

The Italian FREMM frigate “Federico Martinengo” was delivered on 24th April 2018 by OCCAR to the Italian Navy. The ceremony, held at the Muggiano shipyard (La Spezia), was chaired by the Italian Naval Armament Director, the OCCAR-EA Director and the Q&A Committee Chairman, together with the Orizzonte Sistemi Navali CEO and senior representatives from Fincantieri.

Thanks to the excellent relationship established with Industry and the Italian Navy throughout the FREMM Programme Division contract management, this delivery is the third one in which the warship is accepted without any uncompleted activity. The delivery is also on schedule. As a consequence, just after the training period for the crew, the ship will be immediately deployed by the Navy in a real operational theatre.

FREMM Martinengo

In his speech, the IT Naval Armament Director outlined the terrific cooperative spirit that has brought this excellent result, whose main elements have been the OCCAR best practice based management effectiveness, the Italian Navy expertise and support organisation and, finally, the deep commitment by the industrial workforce. OCCAR-EA Director Arturo Alfonso Meirino indeed focused his words on the search for continuous improvement, which represents the driving commitment by all stakeholders, as well as the effectiveness of requirements, costs and schedule.

The OCCAR Director during his speech

As usual, the Italian ship (ITS) Martinengo performed a demonstration at sea of some of its operational capabilities to special guests on 23th April. The seagoing was characterised by a rendezvous with ITS Rizzo, which was delivered exactly one year ago and is now concluding its Final Warranty Works.

 The ship is named after a great Italian Navy hero who lost his life in the Tyrrhenian Sea on 9th September 1943. ITS Martinengo is the seventh FREMM frigate out of 10 ordered ships and the third in General Purpose (GP) configuration, four Submarine Warfare (ASW) version warships have already been delivered.

The OCCAR Director with the FREMM Programme Division staff