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01. January 2017

FREMM Carabiniere deployment to Australia and South-East Asia

ITS (Italian Ship) Carabiniere, the fourth Italian frigate of the FREMM Programme (the third in Anti-Submarine version), has started its 20,000 nautical miles deployment to South East Asia and Australia, visiting eight different countries during four months of operational activity.

During the deployment, ITS Carabiniere will conduct several joint operations, demonstrating its high operational flexibility, excellent performance and full compliance with the Italian Navy requirements. Its dual use capabilities will be highlighted by supporting maritime security, in particular counter-piracy operations and operations to prevent illegal maritime activities and cooperation with other Navies in humanitarian assistance.

ITS Carabiniere will also be involved in the "Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition 2017” in Malaysia, the most important Defence exhibition in South East Asia, a significant event which will demonstrate the technological excellence of the FREMM Programme and OCCAR’s capabilities to provide this excellence.