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25. June 2020

First Steel Cutting Ceremony for the 5th PPA

The First Steel Cutting ceremony for the Fifth Multipurpose Patrol Ship (PPA) took place on the 25th June at Riva Trigoso Shipyard (Genova).

The steel cutting ceremony is a very meaningful milestone, as it marks the first tangible step of the building process and constitutes the virtual birth of a new ship.

Mr. Pasquale de Candia (OCCAR PPA Programme Manager) and Eng. Stefano Saione (Fincantieri)

Mr. Pasquale de Candia (OCCAR PPA Programme Manager) and Eng. Stefano Saione (Fincantieri) ©OCCAR

In accordance with the Government Guidance to reduce the risk of Covid-19 spreading, the ceremony took place in the presence of a handful number of guests. During the ceremony, Mr. Pasquale de Candia, OCCAR PPA Programme Manager, together with Engineer Stefano Saione of FINCANTIERI,  pressed the start button of the laser cutter.

PPA5 will be the second ship in “LIGHT PLUS” configuration, fitted with a complete set of artillery as well as a missile firing capability with actuators for ballistic missile defence too. LIGHT and LIGHT PLUS versions have been developed with the “fitted for” approach: every system on the FULL can quickly be deployed also on LIGHT and LIGHT PLUS, facilitating operational flexibility and growing capabilities during the Ships life.

PPA 5 First Steel Cutting has taken place 4 months in advance on contract schedule. The ship is planned to be delivered to the Italian Navy in October 2024.

Laser Cutter

Laser Cutter ©OCCAR

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