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01. March 2011

image of boxer

The first Boxer vehicles have arrived at 292 Jägerbattalion in Dounaeschingen in preparation for the vehicles deployment to Afghanistan with this unit by August this year. The first impressions of the vehicle are positive with it being considered as robust, impressive and offering a high level of protection and mobility.

The driver training school in Dornstadt received 7 Driver Training Vehicles (DTV) already last year. The version that 292 Jägerbattalion received in February this year, is the Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) version that carries seven infantry soldiers in addition to the driver, gunner and Commander. Eight of these APC’s have been delivered to the Infantry school to start the infantry training of 292 Jägerbattalion.

image of boxer

The first operational experiences of the vehicle are positive according to several first time users. Driver Florian B.: “I have a good feeling with the Boxer, despite the weight of over 30 tons and the large size, the Boxer drives as a normal car”. The results at the shooting range with the remote controlled weapon station that is operated from inside, are also very good. “It is nearly impossible to miss the target” said a gunner. 

The unit holds a daily evaluation of all experiences to further improve the training, the operational use of the vehicle and to provide feedback to the Boxer PD and industry on technical problems.

Additionnal information is available (in German) on the -> Bundeswehr's Internet site