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10. March 2014

ESSOR at the MILCOM’13 and WInnComm’14 conferences: Presentations of the ESSOR High Data Rate Waveform capabilities and the methodology for developing a portable coalition waveform software

The presentation and promotion of the ESSOR HDR WF (High Data Rate Waveform) as a new international standard for Software Defined Radio (SDR) systems has recently started. Two detailed explanatory technical documents were published and commonly presented by the ESSOR community – i. e. the OCCAR-EA ESSOR Programme Division and the ESSOR industrial partners - to a broad audience at two international communication conferences. The ESSOR HDR WF is an innovative coalition secure high data rate mobile ad hoc networking waveform for land military applications on brigade level and below.

The document “ESSOR HDR WF – CAPABILITIES AND PERSPECTIVES OF AN INNOVATIVE COALITION WAVEFORM” and its contents were presented at the MILCOM’13 conference in San Diego (US) on 18-20 November 2013. It describes the results of the ESSOR programme in specifying, simulating and defining the HDR WF, addresses different operational scenarios, details the main capabilities including achievable performances and explains the different levels of system validation activities.

The document can be viewed below:

Capabilities Innovative Coalition WF (891kB)


At the WInnComm’14 conference in Schaumburg (US) on 10-13 March 2014, the “ESSOR HDR BASE WF – METHODOLOGY AND RESULTS FOR DEVELOPING A PORTABLE COALITION WAVEFORM SOFTWARE” was presented by the ESSOR community. The document details the ESSOR methodology for portability, the application of this methodology to the development of the HDR Base WF, the concepts, architectural implications and the use of the Native Test Environment and the results of the current incremental porting activities of the HDR Base WF on the heterogonous national SDR platforms.

The document can be viewed below:

Methodology Portable Coalition WF Software (330kB)