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08. June 2018

ESSOR contribution in two important communities

May 2018 saw the ESSOR Programme Division actively contribute to two important events in parallel. 

On May 24th and 25th  the ESSOR PD was invited to give a presentation during the “PESCO Workshop” organised in the Balard DGA venue (Paris), co-chaired by the DGA Head of Strategic Directorate, IGA Caroline Laurent, and the Italian ESSOR PB member, Adm (UH) Ruggiero Di Biase. National representatives of the ESSOR Participating States and Germany (observer in the Programme) and of ESSOR non-Participating States supporting the ESSOR project in the PESCO cooperation (Netherlands, Portugal and Belgium) attended this workshop on May 24th.

On May 25th the workshop was enlarged to the participation of different European institution such as European Defence Agency, Europe Military Staff and the European Commission, represented by Ms Anne Fort.

During the two days of workshop, several speakers presented their strategic views and needs driving the content of future cooperative projects already approved by the European Commission. In this context, the presentation given by the ESSOR Programme Manager, Nicola Saracino, supported by the President of a4ESSOR, Lino Lagana’, received a very positive feedback from the audience. ESSOR was perceived as a convincing basis for a complete portfolio of new-generation interoperable waveforms for the European Defence. The a4ESSOR Consortium provided an added value to ESSOR as an European Industrial Technology Base. Finally, OCCAR was identified as the ideal Programme Management Organisation for possible future projects based on ESSOR thanks to its expertise in the domain and best management practices.

ESSOR contribution

The  European Commission Representative, Anne Fort, in green. On her right, Admiral Di Biase and on her left Philippe Bertrand (DI). courtesy of DGA

Another Workshop on the subject is planned before the end of the year and the ESSOR Programme will for sure play again a primary role in the event.

In parallel, the ESSOR Programme Division participated to the Wireless Innovation Forum in Madrid, from May 23rd  to May 24th . The Forum gathers the major experts of Software Defined Radio worldwide together and the ESSOR Presentation, given jointly by the ESSOR PD and a4ESSOR, confirmed that ESSOR is today one of the protagonist of the global SDR panorama, still being a word premiere and first and unique case of real interoperability on the field between radios entirely developed in national programmes. In the context of the event, the ESSOR programme confirmed its commitment to contribute to the global standardization of Software Defined Radio Architectures by continuing to support the activity of the technical working groups developing parts of the new standards.