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22. March 2019

ESSOR Architecture published

The goals of developing a Software Defined Radio (SDR) architecture is to facilitate waveform  portability between heterogeneous Software Defined Radio hardware platforms and to foster  radio re-configurability of a large set of waveforms.

In front of these goals, the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS), the first military SDR programme launched in the USA, has initiated  the path, publishing the Software Communications Architecture (SCA), recognized as a de-facto standard by the SDR community.

The ESSOR Architecture is an SDR architecture which  extends the SCA with new extensions and with operating environments for new processing elements

The ESSOR PSs decided to publish the ESSOR Architecture, to allow the global SDR community to benefit from the expertise achieved in ten years of development, and to use it as a building block of future interoperable SDR applications.

For more information refer to the ESSOR Expert Area.