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01. July 2014

ESSOR Architecture offered for release

The Participating States to the OCCAR ESSOR Programme (Finland, France, Italy, Poland, Spain and Sweden) are pleased to announce the availability of a first compilation of information concerning the ESSOR Architecture for third party states.

The ESSOR Architecture is a Software Defined Radio (SDR) Architecture relying on the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) Software Communications Architecture (SCA) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). It is a complete and consistent Secure SDR Architecture which fosters waveform portability amongst heterogeneous SDR Platforms.

The ESSOR Architecture specification was completed in December 2010 and afterwards implemented into the six different national SDR platforms used in the ESSOR Programme. In 2013, the national contractors from the Participating States started the activities to port the High Data Rate Base Waveform (developed also as part of the ESSOR Programme) onto their different national ESSOR Architecture compliant SDR platforms. Those porting activities are demonstrating that the ESSOR Architecture is well suited to improve the portability of military waveforms. Therefore the ESSOR Participating States have decided that it is now time to offer the ESSOR Architecture to third party states interested in the porting of military waveforms onto their own national SDR equipment.

The package offered by the ESSOR Participating States encompasses information about the following items:

  • ESSOR Architecture definition document;
  • Report on the evaluation of the Operating Environment;
  • Radio Devices APIs: AudioPortDevice, SerialPortDevice, EthernetDevice, GNSSDevice, PlatformDiscretesDevice and TransceiverSubsystem;
  • Radio Services APIs: ConfigurationService, PlatformControl, FaultManagementService, HMIService, IPService, RetransmissionService, SNMPService, TimingService and VocoderService.

Every state interested in getting access to the information package needs to be sponsored by one or several ESSOR Participating States. If the release is approved then the signature of a Non Disclosure Agreement between the sponsored state and the sponsor ESSOR Participating State(s) will be required. Once the Non Disclosure Agreement is signed, the information package will be provided by the sponsor ESSOR Participating State.

All states wishing to get in contact with a sponsor ESSOR Participating State are invited to submit their requests to the ESSOR Programme Division in OCCAR-EA Questions-ESSOR  and to one of the point of contacts (PoCs) from the ESSOR Participating States:

Finnish PoC
French PoC
Italian PoC
Polish PoC
Spanish PoC
Swedish PoC