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12.January 2016

ESSOR: Agreement with Wireless Innovation Forum signed

OCCAR, on behalf of the ESSOR Participating States, signed on 12 January 2016 an agreement with the Wireless Innovation Forum for the exchange of information in order to support the harmonization of the Software Communications Architecture (SCA) standards at an international level. The Wireless Innovation Forum is a non-profit international industry association dedicated to driving the future of radio communications and systems worldwide.


The SCA provides a set of specifications that facilitate portability, interoperability and configurability of the software and hardware components used in the manufacturing of radio systems, available through the U.S. Department of Defense.

The Forum’s Coordinating Committee on International SCA Standards (CC SCA) will be interacting with the OCCAR ESSOR Programme to support the agreement, including in engaging in activities such as: 

  • sharing progress reports on technical developments related to Software Defined Radio (SDR) standards and certifications,
  • sharing recommendations on solutions under development to ensure architectural consistency across development efforts worldwide, and
  • exchanging information on roadmaps or proposed future evolutions of SDR Standards.

“The agreement signed by the WInnF CEO and the OCCAR-EA Director is a recognition by the ESSOR community of the role played by the WInnF CC SCA in trying to ensure consistency across development efforts worldwide. This agreement will allow a better exchange of information so that the ESSOR inputs can be properly considered by the WInnF in the frame of the different harmonization efforts performed under the Forum’s CC SCA,” said Philippe Margot, the OCCAR-EA ESSOR Programme Manager.