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10. December 2014

Delivery of the First 3 TIGER HAD/F Block 2 Helicopters for France

The French Republic received its first three TIGER HAD/F Block 2 helicopters in early December 2014. All three helicopters were delivered within a 2 week period. Prior to delivery, the HAD/F Block 2 received its Type Certification granted by the French procurement office DGA on the 17 November 2014 and the French “Prononcé de Qualification” was issued four days later.

© Thierry Rostang / Airbus Helicopters

These helicopters complement the 39 HAP/F and 6 HAD/F Block 1 helicopters already in service with the French Armed Forces, some of them already deployed in various operational theatres.

This major HAD Programme milestone provides new capabilities to the French Armed Forces, including:
- an IFF Mode 5/S enhanced,
- a Naval capability,
- a Firing capability with Combat External Tank,
- an upgraded Software version with important Man Machine Interface improvements and software corrections.

The next 15 helicopters will be delivered directly in the HAD/F Block 2 configuration. The rest of the HAP/F and HAD/F Block 1 fleet will be subsequently retrofitted to this version as well.

© Thierry Rostang / Airbus Helicopters

These first HAD/F Block 2 deliveries were celebrated by a special event at Marignane on 10 December 2014 involving the French TIGER Programme Manager, Mr. Alexandre Barouh, the OCCAR TIGER Programme Manager, Mr. David Colliquet, and several representatives from the French Official Services, Airbus Helicopter and OCCAR TIGER Programme Division (ODT).

The HAD Programme is now focusing on the next major Programme milestones: the bilateral French-Spanish HAD Block 2 Qualification and the subsequent HAD/E Block 2 deliveries to Spain.