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24. October 2019

Czech Republic joins MMF

The Czech Republic  joined the multinational effort to acquire a European fleet of Multi-Role Tanker-Transport (MRTT) Aircraft on 24 October, thus becoming the sixth nation to participate in this initiative, joining Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Norway.

The Ministers of Defence of the now six MMF nations signed the MMF Memorandum of Understanding during a ceremony held at NATO HQ in Brussels, in the presence of the Deputy Secretary General and representatives of OCCAR, EDA and NSPA.

Participants in the MMF MoU signature ©NATO

Participants in the MMF MoU signature ©NATO

The MMF is still open to additional user nations, so there is a potential for further growth in the short term beyond the current six member nations.
The number of contracted aircraft is eight, with commonality in its different configurations: inflight refuelling,  transport of passengers (including VIP) and cargo, and medical evacuation flights.
The first three aircraft are currently in production at the Airbus Defence and Space’s tanker conversion line at Getafe near Madrid.

Options for additional aircraft are currently included in the contract and the fleet is expected to grow in the coming months whether from additional commitments of the current MMF nations or by the joining of new members to the MMF initiative.

OCCAR manages the acquisition and the Initial In-Service-Support phase of the MMF programme for NSPA.