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09. November 2015

Contract Extension awarded for further 2 years of In-Service Support for the COBRA System

Contract Extension awarded for further 2 years

The first 6 years of COBRA In-Service Support (ISS) were performed by the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s Industry Consortium. Following a competition in 2012, the COBRA ISS contract was newly awarded to ESG GmbH. 

Since 1 January 2013, ESG GmbH has successfully demonstrated its capabilities in the In-Service Support, providing constant improvement of the COBRA System. As a result of its performance under the initial 3-years contract, ESG GmbH has now been awarded a 2-year contract extension. The contract extension was signed on 9 November 2015 by ESG CEO Kai Horten and OCCAR Director Tim Rowntree at the OCCAR-EA headquarters in Bonn.

COBRA System

COBRA System

The tri-national COBRA Programme with France, Germany and Turkey continues to face challenging situations in 24/7 operations, including a UN Mission in Lebanon and surveillance at the Turkish border.