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28. June 2017

BOXER retrofit contract for Germany signed

On 28th June, the OCCAR Director and the Managing Directors of ARTEC GmbH signed a contract to retrofit the German BOXER fleet to the A2 built-standard. The ceremony took place in Bonn and was attended by representatives of the German Ministry of Defence, the German procurement agency BAAINBw and also representatives from ARTEC GmbH, Krauss-Maffei Wegmann GmbH and Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles GmbH.

OCCAR Director Arturo Alfonso-Meiriño stated in his speech that this contract marks a major milestone for the BOXER as it contains the upgrade of 246 BOXER vehicles to the highest build standard.


Up to now the German BOXER vehicles have had different build standards (A1 and A2). A2 is the most advanced build standard and the complete German BOXER fleet will be retrofitted to it.

The contracted performance provides the preparations for a Driver Vision System and an updated safety standard for the drive modules. The mission modules will receive changes to loading lists and stowage and several improvements like an explosion suppression system and satellite communication.

Most beneficial is the fitting for an advanced Driver Vision System. This will allow to drive the German vehicles on public roads without the support by the commander in the future. But also the survivability and the effectiveness of BOXER will be greatly enhanced.

The A2 retrofit will be finished in 2023.


German, industry and OCCAR-EA teams