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10.April 2010

Boxer is a Quantum Leap Forward


‘A quantum leap forward’ was the expression used by Lieutenant-Colonel Joachim Geist to describe the successful operational test of the Boxer vehicle in Australia in an article on the German Army website. The “Gruppentransportfahrzeug” (GTFz) is the Boxer version used by the German infantry, which was transported in early February 2010 to the Australian Outback, for an operational test under hot and dry and hot and humid conditions.

The GTFz Boxer was soon nicknamed the ‘Mother ship of the infantry’ by the crew of 10 soldiers, who were testing the Boxer in operational and harsh conditions comparable to a mission area with temperatures rising to 40º C. Including the latest ‘Infantry of the future’ gear, all equipment can be stored in the vehicle which offers a high level of protection and mobility as the soldiers experienced. In the six weeks a wide variety of tests were executed in the heavy terrain in dusty South Australia and tropical Queensland. The tests and experience they gained will better prepare the soldiers for future use of the Boxer in operational areas.