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26. March 2018

The BOXER family grows and grows . . . SLOVENIA to join the BOXER Programme

In February the Slovenian MoD announced on its homepage that they had chosen BOXER as the base vehicle to form two new mechanised infantry battlegroups. Slovenia joining OCCAR by becoming the fourth Participating State in the BOXER Programme will eventually be a reality soon.

On 13. March 2018 a “Kick off meeting” took place at OCCAR in Bonn. The OCCAR Director Arturo Alfonso Meiriño welcomed the representatives of the future OCCAR Participating State. The BOXER Programme Manager and the responsible staff of the BOXER Programme Division informed the representatives of the Republic of Slovenia in detail about OCCAR, its organisation, the process to become an OCCAR Participation State and of course about the BOXER programme.

The first batch for Slovenia will cover 48 Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV) in different versions and they will be close to the Lithuanian BOXER IFV configuration . The first series vehicle is planned to be delivered end of 2020.

The process of integration has started with the approval of the BOXER Programme Board.
The Memorandum of Understanding, the Programme Decision and the Contract are planned to be signed in 2019.


Meanwhile the BOXER family has one more member.

On 14 March 2018  Australia announced that the MoD is going to procure 211 BOXER vehicles directly from the German Company Rheinmetall.

Thus, the number of BOXER user nations is now 5!