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15. December 2017

BOXER Driver Training Vehicles for Lithuania delivered

On 15. December 2017 two BOXER Driver Training Vehicles (DTV) have been handed over to the Lithuanian Armed Forces. This is the first big milestone for Lithuania after the contract was signed end of August 2016. The vehicles will be official presented to public in Lithuania with participation of the Lithuanian Minister of National Defence on Monday 18. December in Kaunas.


The name of the BOXER vehicles was changed for the Lithuanian versions to “VILKAS” (which means wolf) to retain the ties with the history of Lithuania and the traditions of the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

The inspection and approval process of the vehicles is still ongoing, but after final acceptance Lithuanian Armed Forces armed forces will be able to train their future VILKAS Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV) instructors and operators.


The first prototypes of the Lithuanian BOXER variants are expected to be delivered in March 2018 and the first IVF out of the series production in early 2019.