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21.September 2010

Arrival of the French FREMM Frigate Aquitaine Sea Trials Crew in Lorient

The arrival of the first-of-class French FREMM frigate Aquitaine sea trials crew in Lorient in September 2010 represents an important landmark in the progress of the FREMM Programme. 

The FREMM frigate Aquitaine sea trials crew comprises 67 people: 

  • Commanding officer, 
  • Executive Officer, 
  • Ops Officer, 
  • Chief Engineer, 
  • Engineering department (23 members),
  • Operations Department (25 members),
  • Crew support (15 members). 

The crew will progressively become familiar with the new FREMM frigate Aquitaine. They will acquire the relevant appropriate knowledge through various contractual training sessions; periodical visits onboard the ship and their participation as observers to the multiple qualification trials and inspections. The Aquitaine Sea trials are planned to start in May 2011 after the First Sea Going Review. The final crew of the FREMM Frigate Aquitaine will consist of 108 crew members.