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16. July 2020

Air Transportability Trials for the BOXER Drive Module undertaken for Lithuanian Customer

Air transportability trials for the BOXER Drive Module in A400M

An official visit to the A400M trials included the OCCAR-EA Director, Lithuanian MoD, BOXER PM and Air Transport Squadron LTG 62. ©LTG 62

A key milestone was met for the Lithuanian BOXER Programme in July 2020, with air transportability verification trials successfully completed for the BOXER Drive Modules in the A400M.

The test was conducted with the A400M Cargo Hold Trainer - Enhanced (CHT-E) in Wunstorf, under the lead of OCCAR-EA, in cooperation with the German Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw), the German Air Force and its Air Transport Squadron LTG 62.

Expert working groups and subject matter experts conducted preparation activities on the run up to the verification trials, including the definition of air transport configurations and creating a towing concept to ensure compliance with the A400M transport requirements. OCCAR-EA considered various BOXER Drive Module configurations to allow results to be used when looking across other BOXER user nations including the Netherlands, Germany, Lithuania and the United Kingdom. The results will be incorporated into the European Cargo Load Database which can be accessed across all nations.

An official visit was held by invitation from the German MoD, including the OCCAR-EA Director, Matteo Bisceglia, Colonel Valdas Šiaučiulis from the Lithuanian MoD and the OCCAR BOXER PM, Regine Friedberger.

The next steps include further air transportability verification of the BOXER Mission Modules with results to be used to de-risk other BOXER national programmes.

Air transportability trials for the BOXER Drive Module undertaken in A400M

BOXER Drive Module in the A400M Cargo Hold Trainer. ©Limburg

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