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Toulouse 24 July 2020 - As a major development milestone of the A400M Programme, Type Acceptance of the aircraft design standard NSOC2 (New Standard Operative Clearance-2) has been achieved via a Contract Amendment signed on 24 July 2020.

 This new baseline provides several major capability improvements such as:

  • the extended delivery capabilities (e.g. delivery of loads by gravity and extraction);
  • the  enhanced Defensive Aids Sub-System (DASS) capability with Step 2b,;
  • the improved Flight Management System (FMS) functions including Ait-to-Air refuelling (AAR), Search & Rescue (SAR) capability;
  • the  improved tactical operations such as Autonomous Approach Landing System, Reduced and Military Operating Standards, integrated aircraft performance computation using TOPOCS (Take-Off Performance On board Computer System).

 This significant achievement represents a significant milestone for the A400M programme and it has been possible as a result of the strong collaboration, dedication and hard work of the Nations, OCCAR-EA and Industry.

This is therefore a significant step toward achieving the NSOC2.5 and final SOC3 standards of the aircraft in the years to come, reinforcing the A400M aircraft as a highly capable asset to Nations strategic and tactical capabilities, which have been demonstrated extensively throughout the A400M support to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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