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3rd Amendment to the Italian LSS Contract signed

On 31 May 2019 the Contract Amendment Nr.3 for the Italian LSS Programme was signed in La Spezia by Fincantieri/Leonardo as Prime Contractors and OCCAR-EA on behalf of Italy.

 With this Amendment, technical and budgetary modifications to the Italian Contract are implemented to meet the Nation’s specific requirements, especially with regards to Platform and Combat Systems equipment, logistics and training.

From left to right: Mr. Valter Revelli (Fincantieri) – Mr. Francesco Gennaro Esposito (OCCAR) – Mr. Federico Bolgia (Leonardo) ©OCCAR

This key event follows the major milestone of the integration of France in the LSS Programme with the French Contract signature on 30 January 2019.

 The LSS vessels will be modern and highly effective double-hulled ships which will comply with existing international regulations. Their delivery will allow the decommissioning of the current single-hulled fleet, entered into service in the 1970s and 1980s.

 The 5 new LSS vessels (1 for Italy and 4 for France) will provide long-term support for any blue-sea combat fleet (aircraft-carrier, LHDs, destroyers) in all aspects: fuel, ammunitions, spare parts and food.

 Thanks to the management provided by OCCAR-EA, in close cooperation with the two Participating States, the Italian Navy LSS “Vulcano” is in an advanced stage of production. First Sea Going is scheduled for end of December 2019. The next important step for the FR Contract, the System Requirement Review closure, is planned for 18 June 2019.

From left to right: Mr. Claudio Berti (OCCAR) – Mr. Paolo Lacchini (Fincantieri) - Mr. Valter Revelli (Fincantieri) – Mr. Francesco Gennaro Esposito (OCCAR) – Mr. Federico Bolgia (Leonardo) ©OCCAR