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21. May 2020

2nd Multipurpose Blue Water Patrol Vessel (PPA2) resumes shipbuilding activities with the weapon systems alignment

The work program on the 2nd Multipurpose Blue Water Patrol Vessel (PPA) ‘Francesco MOROSINI’, under construction in the Fincantieri’s shipyard at Riva Trigoso, has re-started, with great impulse, in compliance with the prescriptions for preventing Covid-19 spread.

After the lockdown period that has plagued the entire country system of Italy, the re-opening of the shipyard has allowed to resume the shipbuilding Program, overviewed by OCCAR.

127/64 - Integrated Vulcano SystemR

127/64 - Integrated Vulcano System ©OCCAR

A team of specialized technicians (in Italian: “maestranze” or masters) from the Italian Navy, working at ‘Officine Artiglieria’ of the ‘Arsenale of La Spezia’, between 11 and 15 May 2020, performed the "dry alignment" for the 127/64 and 76/62 SP artillery systems and for the Fire Control System New Generation antenna installed on board. PPA OCCAR staff members were present on board as well, to oversee the smooth running of operations, that was indeed successfully achieved.

Weapon alignment tool

Weapon alignment tool ©OCCAR

This operation, framed within a cooperation agreement signed between the ‘Arsenale’ and Fincantieri, highlights the high professional expertise in the Artillery domain, available at the La Spezia Navy Arsenal. This expertise has been put to the test in the difficult and delicate Covid-19 context, in which the Arsenal and Fincantieri have defined complex procedures to comply with the current Health & Safety regulations (social distancing, suitable PPEs, …) and with extremely precise measurements requirements.

At times like this, when nothing can be taken for granted, the 2nd PPA construction activities' programme has been respected, to great satisfaction from the Italian Navy, the Contractor, and OCCAR, allowing the launch process to start as planned.

Italian Navy Technicians

Italian Navy Technicians ©OCCAR

For more information on the programme, please visit our web.