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Vulcano Logistic Support Ship first sea going

The LSS “Vulcano”, named after one of the Eolian Islands North of Sicily, had her First Sea Going on 5th December 2019, logging her first nautical miles in the in the Gulf of La Spezia. This step of the programme is a key contractual milestone towards the delivery of the ship to the Italian Navy (FOAR), scheduled for September 2020.

The unmistakable outline of the Vulcano bridge and aft Replenishment at sea masts. ©OCCAR-EA

During the First Sea Going (FSG), several Platform and Combat Systems installed onboard have been tested, especially the propulsion, steering and navigation systems.

LSS Vulcano sets sail for the first time, an outstanding achievement and success for OCCAR, NAVARM and the Italian Navy © Giorgio Arra

Only four years and a half have elapsed since the signature of the LSS contract in May 2015 and the FSG. This is a great achievement for OCCAR as contracting authority, given the exceptional challenges to finalize, under extreme time constraints, the reconstruction works of the aft part of the ship, after her launch in June 2018. The LSS “Vulcano” FSG bears witness of the success brought by the combined efforts of OCCAR, Italy as Participating State and Industry. 

The "Vulcano" is expected to complete her sea trials by September 2020 and to be delivered to the Italian Navy that same month.

With France joining in January 2019, four more Logistic Support Ships will follow the path of their elder sister “Vulcano”, being the first delivery expected by the end of 2022.