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04. April 2018

UK returns to the BOXER Programme

The UK MoD has announced that the British Army is going to procure a fleet of new armoured vehicles.

The UK will re-join the BOXER Programme with the intention  to equip the Army with the 8x8 BOXER vehicles to modernise its vehicle's fleet and to fulfil the requirements of the Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV) Programme.
The UK MoD conducted a comprehensive market analysis with existing vehicles, in service and in development, and BOXER delivered on protected mobility, capacity, flexibility, utility and agility.
So, after 14 years absence from the BOXER Programme, another of the original partners in the development of the vehicle is going to bring it into service.

The full assembly of the vehicles is planned to be done in the UK, with a great benefit for British industry and Defence economy. ARTEC, the manufacturer of the BOXER vehicle, has already signed partnership agreements with BAE Systems, Pearson Engineering and Thales UK in expectation of a purchase order. In addition, it is expected that many competing companies in the supply chain will be from the UK.  The planned investments could secure or create at least 1,000 jobs across the country.
The integration process has started and as the UK’s aim is to have the BOXER in service in 2023, assessments and commercial negotiations will take place up to 2019.