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OCCAR-EA Through Life Management Concept

  • OCCAR Through Life Management (TLM) does not mean that OCCAR will necessarily manage a Programme from Preparation to Disposal. It will be limited to the mandate assigned to OCCAR by the MS/PS.
  • That said, OCCAR-EA is developing long term visions in order to be able to assess the consequences of any decision on the future.
  • Long term visions also allow OCCAR to promote improved common activities especially in the support area.
  • Long term planning does not necessarily require financial commitment from the Participating States but better cooperation and openness from all stakeholders will help discover and develop more capable and cost effective support solutions.
  • Building of a more efficient cooperative environment however requires Participating States's involvement in particular through the relevant Programme Boards and Committees and through the OCCAR Future Tasks and Policy Committee (FTPC).
  • The first long term vision must be embedded in the Programme Management Authorisation (PMA)as it identifies the defence system phases to be potentially managed by OCCAR.