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MUSIS - The Multinational Space based Imaging System COMMON INTEROPERABILITY LAYER (CIL)

MUSIS Common Interoperability Layer will enable to interconnect the MUSIS space components to make them interoperable.



The Multinational Space based Imaging System (MUSIS)

The idea of a MUltinational Space-based Imaging System was generated with the aim to improve and foster international cooperation related to Earth Observation activities through space based platforms. MUSIS is indeed a federation of systems (i.e. a system of systems) that delivers space-based imaging capabilities to its users resulting with an improvement in the exploitation of systems for remote sensing.

After the successful completion of the Preliminary Definition Phase ("Phase B'') at the end of 2015, on 18/11/2019 the MUSIS Stage 2 contract has been signed between OCCAR-EA, on behalf of MUSIS Partner Nations (Italy and France), and the Industrial Consortium created by Thales Alenia Space – Italy and Airbus Defence and Space.

This contract envisages the development and the production of one Common Interface Layer (CIL) to make interoperable the French Composante Spatiale Optique (CSO) with the Italian Cosmo Sky-Med Second Generation space-based systems. An option for a long-term In-Service Support is also included.

The programme is currently in its full development phase. The Critical Design Review has been recently opened with the aim to refine the whole architecture of the system and, in the same time, to focus MUSIS team activities on Integrated Logistic Support, In Service Support and Life Cycle Cost matters to guarantee the supportability of the system during its operational life.

MUSIS is an example of very constructive cooperation between Italy and France based on a very high cohesive team determined to achieve objectives for the success of this challenging programme.

MUSIS Participating States
For further information about the MUSIS Programme, please contact the Programme Division or the Prime Contractor.
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