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30. September 2014

OCCAR Information Day in Italy

On 30 September 2014, a team headed by OCCAR Director Tim Rowntree gave a comprehensive briefing on OCCAR’s way of working to more than 100 Italian Armed Forces’ staff members.

Opening by Lieutenant General Stefanini

The event, hosted by the Italian Ministry of Defence, was opened by the Italian National Armaments Director and Chairman of the OCCAR Board of Supervisors, Lieutenant General Stefanini.

Objectives of this Information Day were to establish a common knowledge baseline of the OCCAR processes at all relevant levels and to prepare future OCCAR activities with Italian participation. The briefing included - beside OCCAR basics - presentations on corporate governance, risk management, contract placement, Through Life Management approach, programme integration and future business as well as recruitment.

OCCAR Director Tim Rowntree

In his conclusions, Tim Rowntree emphasised that armament cooperation really works if effective cooperative structures like OCCAR are established and used, providing benefits to all partners. He especially highlighted how Italy makes use of OCCAR and the important role that Italy plays in OCCAR and its programmes.