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16. December 2014

OCCAR-EA awards contract for the TIGER Aircrew Training Means Upgrade and In-Service Support

Bonn, 16th December 2014 – In the frame of the TIGER Helicopter Programme, OCCAR-EA has awarded a contract to ARGE TATM, a partnership composed of Thales Training and Simulation (TTS) and Rheinmetall Defence Electronics (RDE), for the upgrade and the In-Service Support (ISS) of the TIGER Aircrew Training Means (TATM).

2 Full Mission Simulators at EFA, Le Luc en Provence

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The contract was signed by the President of Thales Training and Simulation, Mr Jean-Jacques Guittard, by the President for Simulation and Training of Rheinmetall Defence Electronics, Mr Ulrich Sasse and by the OCCAR Director, Mr Tim Rowntree on behalf of France and Germany.

ARGE TATM and OCCAR-EA teams during the contract signature ceremony

From left to right: E. Groβe-Dunker (RDE), C. Billen (OCCAR), A. Henrard (OCCAR), JC. Lejeune (TTS), E. Heimes (OCCAR), U. Sasse (RDE), C. Goutard (OCCAR), D. Colliquet (OCCAR), T. Rowntree (OCCAR Director), P. Wouters (RDE), A. Schmitt (OCCAR), JJ. Guittard (TTS), O. Mery (TTS), V. Bernard (OCCAR), M. Le Forestier (TTS), U. Möbius (RDE), X. Groult (TTS)

This project is another success in the long cooperation between France, Germany, OCCAR-EA and Industry on the TATM programme and establishes a renewed partnership for the next 10 years.
The project scope covers the delivery or upgrade of 20 simulators at 4 different sites in Europe to the most recent French and German TIGER standards, in particular at the bilateral French-German TIGER Flight School (EFA – Ecole Franco Allemande) located in Le Luc en Provence, France, as well as their support for 10 years.

Copyright: ECPAD

The TATM project teams were able to include all new development and ISS requirements in a single contract, mitigate the risks for all stakeholders, optimise the Life-Cycle Cost and extend the cooperation of the Participating States in terms of training means into the future.

The smooth preparation and implementation of the new TATM contract within the overall TIGER ISS is a perfect example of OCCAR-EA’s vision to put through-life management at the core of cooperative defence programmes.