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NATO Support and Procurement Organisation / NATO Support and Procurement Agency

The NATO Support and Procurement Organisation (NSPO) comprises a legislative entity – the Agency Supervisory Board (ASB) – and an Executive Body called the "NATO Support and Procurement Agency" (NSPA).

OCCAR recognises NSPO as a valuable partner for the common support to be provided to defence systems in their In Service Phase. To this end, a framework MoU between NSPO and OCCAR is in place since 2005. For the specific support of individual OCCAR Programmes under this MoU, Service Level Agreements are to be established between OCCAR-EA and NSPA. This is actually the case for the COBRA, TIGER and A400M Programmes. Whereas OCCAR-EA retains the overall Programme Management responsibility for the ISS Phase of these Programmes, NSPA performs Material Support Activities in support of the OCCAR Programme, e.g. in the areas of Spares Procurement, Spares Management, Warehousing, Depot Level Maintenance (DLM) contracts and/or transportation.

A Cooperation Agreement between NSPO and OCCAR regarding the Acquisition Phase of an MMF (Multinational Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) Fleet) Project was signed in November 2014. This Cooperation Agreement sets the framework and conditions under which OCCAR manages the MMF Project's acquisition of the aircraft on behalf of NATO. 

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NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA)

OCCAR has signed an Agreement on Security of Information (Security Agreement) with NATO in 2009. The agreement allows the exchange of classified information between OCCAR and NATO.