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FREMM Carabiniere returns from operational deployment

The Italian FREMM Carabiniere has just concluded a six month deployment at sea off the Horn of Africa and in the Western Indian Ocean.

A400M re-deploys TIGER back from Africa

Operational premiere: A French TIGER helicopter was transferred in an A400M from Mali back to its home base in France.

First User Forum for the A400M Programme

An inaugural A400M User Forum was held in Seville, Spain and was attended by a wide range of attendees from the end user community.

FREMM “Languedoc” frigate delivered to the French Navy

On 16th March 2016, the French FREMM “Languedoc” was accepted by OCCAR on behalf of the French defence procurement agency DGA and delivered to the French Navy.

FSAF - final French “SAMP/T” system delivered

On 25th of February 2016, the OCCAR-EA FSAF – PAAMS Programme Division accepted delivery of the final French “SAMP/T” system.

First Steel Cutting Ceremonies for LSS

The first important milestone in the OCCAR Logistic Support Ship (LSS) Programme was successfully achieved in February with the first steel cutting.

OCCAR video

OCCAR-EA has newly produced a video that provides a basic introduction to OCCAR.

ESSOR: Agreement with Wireless Innovation Forum signed

OCCAR, on behalf of the ESSOR Participating States, signed an agreement with the Wireless Innovation Forum for the exchange of information.

6th Italian FREMM launched

The 6th Italian FREMM frigate, named Luigi Rizzo, was launched on the 19th of December at the FINCANTIERI integrated shipyard in Riva Trigoso.

Second batch BOXER Production contract awarded

The contract for a second batch of BOXER vehicles for Germany was signed on 18 December 2015 at the OCCAR-EA headquarters in Bonn.

Issue 2 of EDA - OCCAR-EA Interface Document signed

European Defence Agency (EDA) Chief Executive Jorge Domecq and OCCAR Director Tim Rowntree have jointly signed a new issue of the EDA - OCCAR-EA Interface Document.

Signature of FSAF-PAAMS Contract for IFF Upgrade

On 15 December 2015, the OCCAR-EA FSAF-PAAMS Programme Manager signed a contract with Selex ES S.p.A. for the upgrade of Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) equipments installed in the Italian SAMP/T firing Sections.

MALE RPAS Programme Management Authorisation approved

The approval of the MALE RPAS Programme Management Authorisation by the OCCAR Board of Supervisors authorises the assignment of the programme to OCCAR for management purposes.

ESSOR Interoperability Demonstration to NATO

Following the successful completion of the first phase of the ESSOR Programme, an interoperability demonstration to NATO was performed on 25th November in Gydnia (Poland).

COBRA ISS contract extension

A contract extension for further 2 years of In-Service Support for the COBRA System has been awarded.

Successful Launch of Aster 30 Missile from ITS Andrea DORIA

On Tuesday 26th October 2015, ITS Andrea DORIA successfully launched an Aster 30 missile during the First Maritime Missile Defence Exercise conducted in the Scottish Hebrides Firing Range.

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