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22. December 2017

New FSAF/PAAMS In-Service Support Contract notified

The new FSAF/PAAMS In-Service Support Contract was signed with the prime contractor (Eurosam) on 22 December 2017. This contract will provide a range of support services for 5 years for French and Italian FSAF land and naval systems (SAMP/T and SAAM) and French, Italian and UK PAAMS naval systems including the Aster munition. It is the second support contract placed with Eurosam. The first contract, launched in July 2012, was successfully completed end 2017.

Aster Munition

French Frigate Chevalier Paul (PAAMS)

Italian Frigate Duilio (PAAMS)


UK Type 45 Destroyer HMS Dragon (PAAMS)

French Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle (SAAM)

The new contract is the culmination of nearly 3 years work, starting in 2015 with Nations' agreement of the Procurement Strategy and the Common Support Concept which defines 

- the equipment to be supported; and 
- the support structure taking into account lessons learnt from the first contract.

Eurosam is a consortium of Thales, MBDA France and MBDA Italy. Other suppliers include Leonardo and Naval Group.